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Get to know the different concepts that are used throughout Apptus eSales.


Apptus Docs is to be considered as a living document and is continually edited and updated. The following sections regarding Concepts are currently available:

Section Contents
Glossary Terms and phrases that are commonly used in context with Apptus eSales.
Data Entity Types The core eSales data types defining products, ads, categories, and more.
Deduplication Automatically remove duplicate products from pages using eSales deduplication functionality.
Exposure Strategies Optimise eSales algorithms for product exposure towards different business goals.
Relevance Use eSales built in functionalities to show the most relevant products at the right time for product listings, search results, recommendations, and more.
Panels Panels are the building blocks used when creating a website with Apptus eSales enabling product listing, search, recommendations, and more.
Dynamic Pages A concept which makes it possible to dynamically retrieve content from several panels at once.
Sessions and Notifications Enable personalised content with session and notification handling.
Apptus eSales Apps Manage product promotions, control exposure strategies, gain insights into search relevance, and more with the Apptus eSales apps.
Apptus eSales Manager Manage product, ads, and category attributes, panel and zone configurations, and view cluster statuses with the Apptus eSales Manager.

Additional documentation

For access to more documentation including for older versions of Apptus eSales (3.3 and earlier), please refer to Apptus Zone.