Apptus eSales Apps

Apptus eSales includes four different web based apps for managing product promotions, controlling exposure strategies, gaining insights into search relevance, user administration, and more. All is presented in an easy to use interface with contextual help on every page. Some apps include step-by-step guides on how to set up and get started with the different functions of that specific app.

App and feature availability is dependent on what functions of Apptus eSales a customer has implemented. Apptus Cloud customers will automatically receive updates to the apps for the features they use.

Administrators can set and allow user access for each app on a cluster and market level.


App design and features are subject to change without notice. Screenshots, including simulated data visible, are for illustrative purposes only.

Business app

The Business app enables a merchandiser to control exposure strategies, promote products, and perform A/B-tests with just a few clicks. It also allows for quick insights into sales origins for a market segmented on conversions, revenue, and profit.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Business app

Experience app

The Experience app is where statistics of search phrases per market are presented and synonyms are managed. The search summary presents relevant statistics for each search phrase including overall search conversion rate and hit ratio.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Experience app

Integration app

The integration dashboard allows for a quick overview of the system status of Apptus eSales. It shows the servers and their status in the cluster including the software version it is running. The dashboard also shows when the latest import was made plus how many products, categories, variants, and ads are present.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Integration app

Admin app

The Admin app is where an administrator can manage users, access rights to apps and markets as well as system configuration for locales, market currencies, and more.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Admin app