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Email App

The Email app enables a merchandiser using the Email Recommendations add-on to create and maintain product templates and email campaigns.


App design and features are subject to change without notice. Screenshots, including simulated data visible, are for illustrative purposes only.


The dashboard visualises campaign performance per market in an easy to use interface. Results are displayed as either Click Through Rate, Displays, or Clicks. Multiple campaigns can be selected to be viewed at the same time.

Email Recommendations - Dashboard

Product templates

Templates define how individual products will be shown in an email campaign. They are composed by HTML and CSS together with Mustache templating to retrieve product attribute content.

Email Recommendations - Product template

Email campaigns

Email campaigns are created once at least one product template is published. The campaign specify what type of recommendations that are used and how many products that are shown.

Email Recommendations - Email campaign


Email Recommendations requires a base configuration before templates and campaigns can be created. General settings define the image path prefix used in emails, the product URL template, and the recommended image dimensions. A global product exclusion can be set to always leave out a specified set of products in the recommendations.

Email Recommendations - Configuration