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Exposure Strategies

Exposure strategies is a concept that enables merchandisers to have Apptus eSales optimise its algorithms for product exposure towards different business goals.

There are three different exposure strategies available and are set per market in the Business app.

  • Expose higher priced products (Revenue focus)
  • Expose high margin products (Profit focus)
  • Expose products that sell more (Conversion focus)

Product ranking

Each product returned in a panel supporting exposure strategies has a momentary popularity value, a strategy score, based on the selected exposure strategy. The optimal period of time for the strategy score is automatically and individually chosen per product.

The strategy score determines in what order products will be returned when querying a panel to list products using the Sort by relevance sort order as primary or secondary sort level.

Exposure strategies also work when using the Search hits panel by itself or in a zone. The panel must use the Sort by relevance sort order as the primary sort level in the sort_by argument.

A/B testing

Before selecting an exposure strategy it is recommended to perform a built in A/B test between the strategies. An A/B test will establish the effect of switching exposure strategy on a site.

Metrics for conversions, revenue, and profit can be monitored throughout the test period. The results will provide a merchandiser with information on how the different strategies affect goal metrics and inform of potential trade-offs.

This form of testing of competing strategies is built into eSales and allows for merchandisers to make an informed decision based on actual performance.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Business app with Exposure Strategy A/B testing

Use cases

The key use cases for exposure strategies includes payday optimisation and discount period optimisation. Read more about use cases and best sales practices on the Exposure strategies page on

Panels supporting exposure strategies

Depending on what panel is used, exposure strategies are utilised either fully or partially. Panels that partially utilise exposure strategies, such as the Autocomplete panel, use exposure strategies on product backfill. Multi-level sorting will affect exposure strategies.

Exposure strategies are fully utilised in:

Exposure strategies are partially utilised in: