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Apptus eSales Manager

The Apptus eSales Manager is where the products and panels that make up a site are configured and published.


The Clusters tab shows information about server and publishing status. Several logs can be downloaded. The Clusters tab is planned to be replaced by the Integration app.

Apptus eSales Manager - Cluster view


The Attributes tab allows for configuration and publishing of attributes for products, ads, and categories. All available attributes for each data entity type are presented in a list.

Apptus eSales Manager - Product attributes

The available attribute types that can be configured is dependent on the data entity type. For more information, see the following guides:

Apptus eSales Manager - Edit product attributes


The Synonyms tab is to be deprecated. For more information, see Synonyms.


Panels and zones are the building blocks of a site using Apptus eSales. A zone contains panels and most often represent an entire page, or a specific part of a page. Management and configuration of panels and zones are done via the eSales Manager. For more information, see Working with Panels.

Apptus eSales Manager - Panel view


The Site tab is to be deprecated and is replaced by the Reports tab in the Business App.


The Overlay tab is to be deprecated.


The Reports tab includes different statistics. Statistics for search has been moved to the Search phrase reports and general site statistics has been moved to the Business app Dashboard.


The Admin tabs allows for administration of user access to the eSales Manager.