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Highlighted features

Here are the latest highlights and features in Voyado Elevate 3. For all updates to Voyado Elevate 3, see the Full changelog.


Promotion & Demotion is now Boost & Bury

We're are transitioning from the "Promotion & Demotion" naming to "Boost & Bury"


eSales is Voyado Elevate

Voyado and Apptus joined forces at the beginning of 2022 to become the ultimate solution for personalized and relevant shopping experiences—across all channels. And now, we will officially be called Voyado! With this change, we have a new logo, new product names, and new branding. 

With the Voyado customer experience cloud, retailers can get unified and actionable customer data across all touchpoints of the organization. Simply put, you can enhance the shopping experience in all channels—online and offline.

Explore the powerful combination of Voyado Elevate (previously Apptus eSales) and Voyado Engage (previously Voyado)

eSales is Voyado Elevate


One app, one URL, for all eSales apps

Up until now, our app services have been split into separate apps with a shared base, e.g. Business app (, Login/Welcome app (, etc.

From now on, all functionality will be hosted inside a single app on the URL Please make sure to update any browser bookmarks you may have.

There are multiple reasons why the eSales apps are restructured into a single app. Some key reasons are:

  • It makes it easier to access the apps with only a single URL
  • Performance improvements - e.g. switching between "apps" is much faster
  • Simplified development and maintenance means that more time is spent on new features
  • To enable future features such as role-based access and an updated navigation structure. More on this in future releases.


Apptus eSales 3 Enterprise

Apptus eSales Enterprise has changed its name to eSales 3 Enterprise! This is to mark a clear version distinction from Apptus eSales 4, formerly known as eSales Lifestyle.

How to use

No integration or configuration change is needed, all changes are backwards compatible.


Cross market product selection

With the introduction of the Cross market product key configuration in the Admin app, selecting products for multi-market boost and bury are now even more efficient. This feature enable merchandisers to easily hand-pick the same physical product for boosts and/or burys over several markets.

The cross market product key is commonly the part of a product key that refer to a single physical product and is used by all markets when the product is available in several markets, i.e. a key attribute without any market identifier. All products that refer to the same physical product can be bound together using this attribute, even though they are separated by market.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Admin app Configuration tab


Panel summary report

The Panel summary report is a new report feature in the Business app that displays aggregated statistics for each type of predefined panel in a market. The report uses the same data as in the panel report but aggregated by predefined panel type. The predefined panel types are grouped by conversion origin. There are 9 different statistics available, and a total for all predefined panel types within each conversion origin is also displayed in the report.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Reports tab for Panel summary report



Pinning is a feature that allows a merchandiser to manually pick and order products and variants for the top positions in the Product list panel and the Product list with count zone. It enables merchandisers to contribute their valuable external insights, applying granular control per category on top of the automated relevance.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Pinning tab

How to use

Pinning can only be utilized when the category entity is used for categories. Product pinning is managed in the Pinning tab of the Business app. Access for users to the Pinning tab is included in the access for Boost and Bury and is set in the Admin app User management tab on a per user basis.

For more information, see Working with pinning.


Multi-market boost and bury

Boost and bury can now be active in more than one market at the same time. The selected products and variants of the boost/bury are based on the products and variants present in the current market in the apps.

Multi-market boost and bury

How to use

The setting is automatically available in the [Boost tab][wwp] and the Bury tab of the Business app.


Restrict boost and bury to categories

Boost and bury can now be restricted to only be active in selected categories. The available categories are defined by the product selection in the boost/bury. The Related categories option only show categories with products affected by the boost/bury while All categories also show the categories where there are no products affected.

Selecting a category will automatically include all sub-categories of the selected category. Sub-categories can also be individually selected and deselected in the interface.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Boost tab Restrict boost

How to use

The setting is automatically available in the [Boost tab][wwp] and the Demotions tab of the Business app.


Category top sellers panel

A new panel, the Category top sellers panel, is introduced. The result of a query to this panel is a list of categories sorted in descending order by the sales score of the products in each respective category.

How to use

For information about panel parameters and more, see the Category top sellers panel.


Automatic synonym generation

Synonyms are now automatically generated by eSales based on behavioral data, previous searches, and product attributes. Each synonym is evaluated before it is suggested as a synonym candidate. Before any suggested auto generated synonyms can be used they must be approved by a user in the Synonyms tab in the Experience app. Each auto generated synonym is denoted by a robot icon next to the synonym, and all auto generated synonyms are active once approved.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Experience app Synonyms tab Automatic synonyms

How to use

A retailer must have notifications for adding-to-cart and payment implemented to use automatic synonym generation.

New recommendation type for Email recommendations

A new recommendation type is introduced for Email recommendations, Abandoned cart based. The recommendation is based on the Abandoned carts panel.

How to use

The recommendation type is available in the Email campaigns interface in the Email app.


Automatic synonym evaluation

Synonyms are now automatically evaluated by eSales on their impact in relation to purchases. Impact is either positive, negative, uncertain, or untested. An uncertain impact means that the synonym can not be considered to have an explicit positive or negative impact. Clicking a synonym will show a more detailed chart of the impact. A synonym must be present in 20 search queries that relate to purchases via an add-to-cart action before its impact is tested.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Experience app Synonyms tab Automatic synonyms

How to use

A retailer must have notifications for adding-to-cart and payment implemented to use synonym evaluation.



Apptus eSales 3 Enterprise now supports another type of personal input signal, favorites. Visitors can select and have their favorite products notified to eSales.

Introducing favorites

A new panel, the Recommend based on favorites panel, is also introduced. The result of a query to this panel is a list of recommended products given the products that a visitor has marked as favorites. This is perfect to use for additional inspiration on for example a favorites page.

Favorites recommendations

How to use

When a visitor select a product as a favorite, send the Add favorite notification. When a visitor removes a favorite, send the Remove favorite notification.

For information about panel parameters and more, see the Recommend based on favorites panel.



A new tab, the Reports tab, is introduced in the Business app. The Reports tab display a list of all pages, zones, and panels configured in eSales and their performance statistics within a market. This can be used to see how well a page type or a specific panel performs on a site.

Each page and zone can be expanded to show the individual panels and their paths and statistics. The statistics available are displays, clicks, add-to-carts, purchases, revenue, profit, and sold units.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Reports tab for Panel reports

[wwp]: ../guides/working-with/ "Guides - Working with boost


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