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Get to know Voyado Elevate 3 and its features and functions with these guides.


The following sections regarding Guides are currently available:

Section Contents
Integration overview An overview to provide insights into the concepts, steps, and decisions required for a successful integration with Voyado Elevate.
Working with ads Ads is one of the main data entity types in Voyado Elevate and are most often used as banners to promote campaigns and product offers.
Working with categories Category is one of the main data entity types in Voyado Elevate and can be used together with Products to create large datasets for navigation, product listings, and more.
Working with content Provide searchable content and other non-purchasable product information with Voyado Elevate.
Working with data priming Add historical sales statistics into Voyado Elevate before go-live to enable Elevate to more quickly improve personalized results and content.
Working with bury Temporarily decrease the strategy score and presence of selected products in a market.
Working with facets Multiple choice product filtering and navigation using facets.
Working with filters A filter is a logical expression used in many Elevate functions to restrict the set of products that are to be operated on.
Working with imports Importing data into Elevate from a retailer's systems is a reoccurring key action required to have an up to date product, category, and ad data.
Working with notifications Implement the different Elevate notification types better to improve statistics, recommendations, and performance.
Working with panels Set up a site with panels and zones. Configure, test, and publish.
Working with pinning Manually pick and order products for the top positions in selected panels.
Working with presentation attributes Configure what attributes of a product, ad, or category to present in a panel.
Working with product sorting Sort products differently depending on context and usage.
Working with boost Temporarily increase the strategy score and presence of selected products in a market.
Working with recommendations Select what panels to use for recommendations to present relevant products in the right context.
Working with search attributes Search attributes defines what product, ad, and category attributes in Elevate that are usable in panel queries for searching.
Working with synonyms Extend search phrases to include similar phrases that visitors might miss.
Data modelling Best practices when defining the import data format of the products, variants, and other entities imported into Elevate.
Formats Format data and strings for attributes and arguments.
Testing Guidelines Guidelines for retailers and integrators when performing tests against Elevate 3 Enterprise.

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