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Working with pinning

Pinning is a feature that allows a merchandiser to manually pick and order products for the top positions in the Product list panel and the Product list with count zone. It enables merchandisers to contribute their valuable external insights, applying granular control on top of the automated relevance.


App design and features are subject to change without notice. Screenshots, including simulated data visible, are for illustrative purposes only.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Pinning tab

Pinning can only be utilized when the category entity is used for categories. Product pinning is managed in the Pinning tab of the Business app. Access for users to the Pinning tab is included in the access for Boosting and Burying and is set in the Admin app User management tab on a per user basis.

Pinning basics

Products and their variants are pinned per market and category. By default, the highest ranking variant of a product is pinned. All categories available for the current market, i.e. category entities, are automatically populated in the app, and categories without any pinning are grouped under Unused categories. Pinned categories can be filtered by path, latest added, and by name ascending or descending. Both categories with pinning and unused categories can be searched for. Categories with active pinning are indicated with a blue marker in the category list, and categories with scheduled pinning are indicated with a grey marker.

Pinned products are only shown in the Product list panel and the Product list with count zone when the sort order is relevance or personal, and the selected_category argument in the panel query matches a category with pinned products in that market. The pinned products are affected by the filter argument in a query, meaning that even if there are pinned products, they may be filtered out of the result. The pinned products are always returned first in a result where the best selling variant of a product is shown, i.e. they supersede boost and bury. Up to 100 products can be pinned within a category. Products can not be pinned in a category root.

A pinning in a category has a start time and an end time. The time setting enables a user for example to schedule pinning to start or end at out-of-office hours. A category can have multiple defined pinnings, but only one pinning in a category can be active at a time, i.e. the time settings for pinnings can not overlap. An expired pinning can be duplicated, retaining the selected products and positions in a new pinning.

It is not recommend to have too many active pinnings at the same time. Too many pinnings will likely result in unintended outcomes and require a lot of manual labour.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Pinning tab add

Selecting products

Products in a pinning are handpicked from the product selection of the category. The Search box can be used to search for products using the search attributes configured for the products, including a product key. A pinned product is indicated in the interface by a pin icon in the top right-hand corner of the product image. Pinned products can be internally reordered by dragging them to their desired position.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Business app Pinning tab add

Variant pinning

A specific variant of a product can be pinned. This is valid for all products that have variants. The variant pinning fly-out is accessible by hovering a pinned product and clicking the palette icon. A product with a pinned variant is indicated in the interface by a palette icon in the top left-hand corner of the product image.

Screenshot of selecting a product for variant pinning

Any available variant for the product can be selected and variants are ordered by their product key in ascending alphanumeric order. The selected variant is indicated by a green check mark icon. When removing variant pinning for a product, the highest ranking variant of the product will be used.

Screenshot of a selected variant for pinning

Use cases

Use cases can range from specific business aspects, such as contractual listing agreements to highlighting influential products. It also allows precise visual merchandising on specific pages in order to focus on inspiration and branding rather than pure financial sales performance.

Panels supporting pinning

Multi-level sorting can be used with pinning, but it will not affect the pinned products.

Pinning is supported in the:


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