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Merchandising locales

Most views in the Apps offer a market selector, determining which market the merchandising action will impact. For some views, a locale option is additionally provided when multiple locales are available for a market. The locale does not limit the effect of the merchandising action to the selected locale, but controls the locale of the merchandising experience.

For instance, when establishing a boost in a market, this boost will affect all requests in that market, irrespective of the locale. Yet, when looking for products to boost within the app, the search locale is determined by the selected locale. Merchandising locales are applicable for boosts, buries, category and landing pages, and email campaigns.

This means that merchandising actions only needs to be set up once per market and will automatically apply for all locales, regardless of selected merchandising locale.


There is one exception to how locale is applied, namely the navigation view. The navigation primarily consists of localized data, only relevant to visitors using a matching locale. For this reason, the navigation is separate for different locales on multilingual markets.


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