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The Reports tab inclues two features: the Search phrase report and the Search usage report.


App design and features are subject to change without notice. Screenshots, including simulated data visible, are for illustrative purposes only.

Search phrase

The Search phrase report is a list of all the search phrases Voyado Elevate currently has stored in its memory for each market, with a maximum of 100 000 search phrases stored per market. It includes statistics for number of searches, hits, "no hits", purchases, conversion rate, and impacts on units for all search phrases. An overview for overall search conversion rate and search hit ratio is available.

Statistic Description
Search phrase The search string/phrase that is analyzed.
Searches The number of sessions that contains a search for this phrase.
Hits The number of sessions where the search that leads to a non-empty result.
No Hits The number of sessions where the search always leads to an empty search result.
Purchases The number of purchases that can be traced back to the search phrase (if it all happens during the same session).
Conversion rate The ratio of how often the phrase actually leads to a purchase. The conversion rate is calculated as purchases divided by the number of searches.
Impact The impact the phrase has on the overall search conversion rate, expressed as percentage points.
A high positive figure means that the phrase is a significant contributor to the aggregated search conversion rate. In short it’s a net contributor to search conversion rate.
A high negative figure means that the phrase is searched a lot but converts lower than the aggregated average. In short it’s a net detractor to the search conversion rate.

All statistics is shown within a time interval and a market that can be easily changed. Synonyms for a search phrase can be added directly from the search results list, a useful feature when sorting by "no hits".

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Experience app - Search phrase report tab

The Search phrase report can also be exported and downloaded as a .csv-file from the menu in the top right-hand corner. The data selection for the export has a selected time period and can be filtered in the same way as the report. Multiple markets can be selected for the export.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Experience app - Export Search phrase report

Search usage

The Search usage report includes more detailed statistics for search, general and detailed facet usage, and sort order usage and changes. Requires the use of the origin parameter in Search Page queries.

Screenshot of Voyado Elevate Experience app - Search usage report


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