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Slices allows you to tell your story beyond mere relevance. With Slices, you can override and maintain product relevance in displays, ensuring that your selections align perfectly with your narrative while still leveraging the power of Elevate Relevance.

What is a Slice?

Slices are added to a product listing page, allowing you to override the default relevance and display curated product sets. Each slice contains products curated into a product set listed in order of relevance. Additionally, products in a product set within a slice can be pinned to maintain specific placement.

To better understand slices we need to understand three concepts.

  • Pages: A page is a pathway that can have a product list attached to it and more settings but for this topic, let's focus on the product list aspect.
  • Slice: A slice is a section inside the product list. It represents a segmented area where specific actions or rules can be applied.
  • Product set: A product set is a grouping of products with a name attached

Let's refine it: A page can have an attached product list, which includes a section known as a Slice. Within this Slice, we organize products also known as a Product set.

Slices synergize with Pinning, Boost & Bury, and Exposure strategies.

Creata a slice

To create a slice within a primary list, click the "Add Slice" button.

Product list select slices

Create a Slice and select your product set

Here, you can associate a product set with each Slice you create; every Slice must include a Product set. Additionally, you have the option to enable or disable "Apply to subpages". When enabled, the Slice will automatically extend to all subpages of the current page that feature products from the specified product set.

Product list select slices

The newly created Slices will be visible on the product list with the selected product set, here you can either use the relevance given by Elevate or Pin the product you want at the start, you can also drag and drop the pinned product.

Product list select slices

You can also add multiple Slices to the same Product list and reorder them using the title selector.

Product list select slices

Remember to press "Save" and "Publish" after making your changes to activate the slice on your ecommerce website.


If you add a product set to a Slice where there are no overlapping products, the Slice will not be displayed. For example, if you create a jewelry product set and apply it to a Slice on a page that primarily features men's shirts, the Slice will likely not appear due to the lack of product overlap.


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