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Tweak recommendations

Managing Competitive Brands in Recommendations

Some brands restrict competitive brands from appearing on their product pages through recommendations. Retailers may also want to control which products are displayed alongside other products within a product page.

Screenshot of Tweak recommendations - Tweak recommendations tab

Recommendation Customization Details

Some recommendations rely heavily on shoppers' personal data, like recently viewed items, while others are pre-set, such as Series recommendations featuring products exclusively from the same series. The following recommendation types will be affected when using Tweak recommendations to better meet your business requirements:

  • Upsell
  • Alternatives
  • Top products
  • Add to cart recs

Usage constraints

  • Tweaks recommendations will only be applied to recommendations appearing on product pages or in the add to cart popup.
  • You can only have up to 20 active Tweak recommendations per market.
  • Only one person at a time can create or modify Tweak recommendations; simultaneous edits are not supported.
  • If the same product is selected in multiple Tweak recommendations, the topmost one takes priority. To adjust priority, simply reorder the Tweak recommendations by dragging the handle icon on the left up or down.


The ability to tweak and curate recommendations is a powerful and flexible tool. It is recommended to only be used where the business rules require it.

All recommendations in Elevate have strong underlying algorithms that we are continually improving and updating to drive the best possible business outcome for our customers. Over-curating in the hope of outperforming the algorithms can negatively impact sales and conversion numbers.

Create and Customize Tweak Recommendations

Screenshot of Tweak recommendations - Tweak recommendations tab

Affected products

These are all the products to which the current Tweak recommendation will be applied.

Filter to apply - filter

This specifies which products are allowed to be shown when the affected products (selected for the Tweak recommendation) are displayed on the product page.


If you add a Tweak recommendation and select a product filter, there's a possibility the recommendation might not display relevant products if there are too few matching items. For instance, if you choose a product selection that specifies only products from Brand A that are yellow, in certain recommendation areas like "upsell", the system might not find enough matching products to show any recommendations.


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