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Email recommendations

Email recommendations is an add-on for Voyado Elevate clients that provides personalized recommendations within emails to customers.


Email recommendations includes several powerful features for customization in an easy to use interface in the Voyado Elevate Email app.

  • Create custom product display templates
  • Define products to be included or excluded for each campaign
  • Choose recommendation types per campaign
  • Test and preview templates and campaigns with real data
  • Smart image caching
  • View campaign statistics


The Email recommendations support four different types of recommendation algorithms:

Top sellers

Uses aggregated data from all visitor interactions and purchases, product event data such as stock levels, product information such as newness and the selected business exposure strategy to produce the most relevant products. Typically used with filters.

Customer based

Uses the visitor's behavior from a retailer's site to generate personalized recommendations. Typical data points include products that visitor has viewed, clicked or purchased.

Cart recommendation

A list of given products (Base Products) and aggregated data from all your customers' activity on the site are used to recommend products which are likely to be bought along with the Base Products. Products that are added to the shopping cart during the most recent customer session are automatically filtered out of the result. The recommendation is typically used with certain filters applied.

Favorite based

Uses a list of base products that a visitor have marked as a favorite. Typically used with certain filters applied.

Similar product

The Similar product recommendation presents products that the customer might consider buying in place of the product that has been selected as a base product. The Similar product recommendation tries to find relevant products that are similar, both visually and functionally (i.e. of the same or a similar concept and product type) to the product that has been selected as a base product.

Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)

As of September 2021 and the release of iOS 15 that includes the Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), recommendations and recommendation generation for users of iOS devices will be affected. This may include:

  • Increased use of resources for recommendation generation - A device with MPP will open the email at the time of the arrival, and not when it is opened by the user. Meaning, that recommendations will be generated for all emails, and not only for the ones opened by a user.
  • Spent recommendations - There is no longer a method to track the time of when an email is opened. This may result in recommendations no longer being valid.
  • Obsolete recommendations - There is no longer a guarantee that products shown in an iOS device are in stock.
  • Tracking - All images are fetched using a proxy, which affects the possibility to track the device.
  • Statistics - The statistics regarding opened emails and displays are affected.

Voyado will continue to work to mitigate functionality lost due to MPP. For more information, contact Voyado Support.


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