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In addition to the powerful automated solutions in Voyado Elevate, several features are available that provide retailers with a degree of manual control of their merchandising options.

Page merchandising

Pages is an interface for merchandising pages and listings driven by Voyado Elevate. The Pages interface comes with new merchandising options of product listings and applies to all category and landing pages. This means that requests both on site and as well as external requests are supported, i.e. any listing anywhere driven through Voyado Elevate can be merchandised.

Merchandising of pages does not require a pre-built navigation structure and pages are automatically generated, as well as populated in the Category and landing pages interface, through page queries via the API.

For more information, see Category and landing pages and Settings.


Pinning is a feature to manually pick and order products for the top positions in category and recommendation listings. It enables merchandisers to contribute their valuable external insights, applying granular control on top of the automated relevance. This allows merchandisers to pursue objectives beyond the automatic optimisation that drives higher sales, and can range from specific business aspects, such as contractual listing agreements to highlighting influential products. It also allows precise visual merchandising on specific pages in order to focus on inspiration and branding rather than pure financial sales performance.

Pinning is available for all product listings on all pages that are based on Landing page requests. For more information, see Product pinning.

Exposure strategies

Voyado Elevate enables a retailer to automatically optimise what kind of products to expose on their site based on which business objective they choose: more conversions, higher revenue, or profit.

Conversions exposes products that sell more. Optimising for revenue exposes higher priced products and optimising for profit exposes high margin products. With the latter two strategies there is a direct correlation to the products exposed by the conversion optimised strategy. The strategies can also be A/B-tested against each other to see which performs the best.

For more information, see Exposure strategies.

Promotions and demotions

To affect seasonal products, manage stock levels, or reward house brands, retailers can manually boost selected products to be pushed higher up in the product listings within their current context.

The opposite is to demote selected products, such as seasonal wear that is out of season, by burying them lower down in search results and category pages.

For more information, see Promotions and Demotions.

Email recommendations

Omni-channel merchandising is made possible with Email recommendations, an app based add-on for Voyado Elevate that provides personalised recommendations within emails to customers. The add-on includes several powerful features for customisation in an easy to use interface.

For more information, see Email recommendations.


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