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Create Export Customer Job



The export customer data job must be performed before any customer data can be downloaded. It is recommended to perform an export and download before any customer data is removed. Export and removal can run concurrently but it is recommended to start the export first. More GDPR information is available here.


Header parameters

Name Description Example
Api-key that was supplied during on-boarding pkA123456789AB1BE..

Query parameters

Name Description Example
The customerKey to export data for. e3921377-18a2-47c9-a449-06b894898623
curl -i \
-H 'Api-Key: pkA123456789AB1BE..' \


Response codes

Status Description
403 Incorrect cluster credentials.
400 Invalid or missing required arguments.
200 Request accepted, export job created

Response body

  "jid" : "962d41f3-1a53-4bb8-bd01-3b85310fb45f",
  "status" : "created"


The object representation of create or checking the status of a event data job.

Name Type Description Example
jid string The identifier of the event data job. "962d41f3-1a53-4bb8-bd01-3b85310fb45f"
status string The current status of the job Supported values: not_found, created, waiting, running, done, error. "created"

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