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An import of the data feed is made through using the standard HTTP POST method, with personal cluster credentials provided during onboarding. For information about the different import types and formats, see Format specification. For information about scheduling imports, see Scheduling.


Header parameters

Name Description Example
Api-key that was supplied during on-boarding pkA123456789AB1BE..
Accept-Encoding Allows responses to be compressed using Gzip. gzip
Content-Encoding Defines which encoding was used to compress the data. gzip
Content-Type application/xml application/xml

Query parameters

Name Description Example
blockingTimeout Maximum time to wait, after the import have been received, before getting a response. Valid values are in the range of 0 to 5 minutes. Defaults to 5 minutes. PT3M
downgrade Argument to downgrade to using v3 import format when having upgraded to Admin v4. Should only be provided for rollbacks and is only compatible with full imports. false
force Argument to override protection against harmful imports. For more information, see Force imports. false
name A name to identify the import in logs

Supported Content-Type


Request body

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<data_import type="full">
    <modify market="UK" locale="en-GB">
                <product_group key="1001">
                        <product key="1001-100">
                            <title>Linen T-shirt</title>
                            <description>Loose-fit striped T-shirt with a slightly lower neckline.</description>
                                <variant key="1001-100-1">
                <content key="871">
curl -i \
-H 'Api-Key: pkA123456789AB1BE..' \
-H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' \
-H 'Content-Encoding: gzip' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/xml' \
"https://{cluster-id}" \
-T request-body.file.gz


Response codes

Status Description
202 The import exceeded the maximum time, and an identifier for the import will be returned which can be used to poll its progress. The maximum wait time is 5 minutes by default.
204 The import was valid and has completed.
400 The import was deemed dangerous according to Elevate. For more information, see Force imports.
403 Incorrect cluster credentials.
404 Cluster not found.
405 The import is not allowed due to newer admin version usage. Use full import with flag 'downgrade' to change admin version to v3.
409 An import is currently in progress.
500 Server error such as cluster unavailable, busy or internal error. If 5xx errors persist, contact support and attach any information found in the response body.
503 The server in the cluster that received the request is currently unavailable or busy. It is recommended to retry the request. The time between request attempts should be increasing.

Response body

  "id" : 5537431447739019570,
  "reason" : null,
  "status" : "IN_PROGRESS"


The status of an import based on its id.

Name Type Description Example
id string The id of the import 5537431447739019570
reason string The reason for the status. e.g. an error message from the import
status string The current status of the import Supported values: NOT_FOUND, WAITING, BLOCKED, IN_PROGRESS, SUCCESS, FAILURE, ABORTED. "IN_PROGRESS"

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