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Restrictions and limits

This is a summary of restrictions and limits for Elevate 4.


General max length per attribute:

  • Max 2,000,000 characters per element value.

  • Max 2,000 characters per attribute name.

Markets and locales

  • Max 100 markets.

  • Max 5 locales per market.

Product groups

  • Max 3,000,000 product groups per cluster.

  • Max 300,000 product groups per market.


  • Max 3,000,000 products per cluster.

  • Max 300,000 products per market.


  • Max 25 images per product.


  • Max 20 custom attributes per variant.
  • Max 1,000 unique custom attributes on variants across a market-locale combination.


  • Max 1,000 custom prices.


  • Max 1,500 stores.


  • Max 25 content types in catalog.


  • Max 3,000 pages per market.

  • Max 3,000 characters in custom data and 200 keys per locale.

  • Max 4,000 nodes.

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