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Email Recommendations

Email Recommendations is an add-on for Apptus eSales Cloud customers that enables the same personalised recommendations a visitor may see on a site, directly in their email inbox, configured and tested via the Apptus Email app.


Email Recommendations includes several powerful features for customisation in an easy to use interface in the Apptus Email app.

  • Create custom product display templates
  • Define products to be included or excluded for each campaign
  • Choose recommendation types per campaign
  • Test and preview templates and campaigns with real data
  • Smart image caching
  • View campaign statistics


The Email Recommendations delivers recommendations based on the algorithms of three panels already available with eSales.

  • Top sellers panel - Uses aggregated data from all visitor interactions and purchases to produce a top seller list. Typically used with certain filters applied.
  • Recommend based on customer panel - Uses the visitor's behaviour from a retailer's site to generate recommendations. Typical data points include products that visitor has viewed, clicked, added to a cart, or purchased.
  • Recommend based on product panel - Uses a list of base products and aggregated data from all visitor activity from a retailers site to recommend products which are likely to be bought along with the base products. Products that are added to the shopping cart during the most recent visitor session are automatically filtered out of the result. Typically used with certain filters applied.