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Panel Query

Panel queries are the main way of fetching results, such as products or ads from eSales 3 Enterprise. Panels can be queried through the Web API when the panel hierarchy for a site has been published. A successful query returns the panel content in flattened and serialised JSON format.

Parameters that have not been set in panel configuration or have a default value in predefined panels has to be sent as arguments.



URL format


Required Parameters

Name Type Description Example
market string Visitor Market Sweden
customerKey string Visitor id. SHA256 hash if the visitor is signed in, otherwise a UUID / GUID. 5G7HJ...R77T1
sessionKey string A unique id. UUID / GUID. 2F75A...EAFA6
panelPath string Panel path /product-page
token string Unique token generated by the CustomerKeyAuthentication class. Should only be set for signed in visitors. EAFA6...2F75A

Other Parameters

Additional arguments are panel dependent and may be required. All arguments, including filter variables, must be prepended with arg.. See Panels for parameters for panel specific arguments.


Request body

Not applicable

Request content-type

Not applicable

Response content-type



Response Description
200 Panel content flattened and serialised to JSON, see Response.
400 Invalid or missing arguments for this panel.
403 A SHA256 customer key was used, but it could not be validated.
404 Panel not found or not public.
503 Service unavailable, no products found in cluster.
5xx Server error such as cluster unavailable or busy. The response body may contain more information about the error.


Try out the API at the Apptus API Playground with your eSales Playground and API credentials.



curl -i \


    "productList": [
            "name": "product-list",
            "ticket": "Oy9wcm9kdWN0LWxpc3Q7IzsjOyM7IzsjOyM7Izs",
            "path": "/product-list",
            "displayName": "Product List",
            "description": "Displays a list of products and is intended to be used for static searches.",
            "attributes": {},
            "resultType": "products",
            "products": [
                    "key": "P_555452-0446_UK",
                    "ticket": "Oy9wcm9kdWN0LWxpc3Q7Iztwcm9kdWN0X2tleTtQXzU1NTQ1Mi0wNDQ2X1VLOyM7T0JKRUNUSVZFJDtOT05FOk5PTkU7NjE7",
                    "variants": [],
                    "attributes": {
                        "availability": "InStock",
                        "campaign": "Summer",
                        "campaignPrice": "69.95",
                        "category": "Dresses|Party dresses",
                        "color": "red",
                        "description": "Dress from Elise Ryan. Lace bodice and wraparound-style neckline with V-neck. Hidden zipper closure at back. Gathered, wraparound-style front. Partially lined. Hand wash recommended. NOTE: Fits small. Waist is non-stretchy. Made of 100% Polyester.",
                        "image": "http://localhost:3000/static/images/555452-0446.jpeg",
                        "isDiscontinued": "false",
                        "market": "UK",
                        "name": "Maxi Lace Cross Front",
                        "price": "84.95",
                        "priceCurrency": "€",
                        "productId": "P_555452-0446",
                        "product_key": "P_555452-0446_UK",
                        "rank": "1",
                        "relevance": "1.0",
                        "tag1": "long",
                        "tag2": "cotton",
                        "url": "http://localhost:3000/product/P_555452-0446"
                    "key": "P_265604-0023_UK",
                    "ticket": "Oy9wcm9kdWN0LWxpc3Q7Iztwcm9kdWN0X2tleTtQXzI2NTYwNC0wMDIzX1VLOyM7T0JKRUNUSVZFJDtOT05FOk5PTkU7NjE7",
                    "variants": [],
                    "attributes": {
                        "availability": "InStock",
                        "category": "Dresses|Party dresses",
                        "color": "gold",
                        "description": "Sequin dress with three-quarter sleeves from Club L Essentials. Low, slight V-neck at back. Lined. Made of 100% Polyester.",
                        "image": "http://localhost:3000/static/images/265604-0023.jpeg",
                        "market": "UK",
                        "name": "Sequin Bodycon Dress",
                        "price": "42.95",
                        "priceCurrency": "€",
                        "productId": "P_265604-0023",
                        "product_key": "P_265604-0023_UK",
                        "rank": "2",
                        "relevance": "0.5",
                        "tag1": "short",
                        "tag2": "polyester",
                        "url": "http://localhost:3000/product/P_265604-0023"
                    "key": "P_125383-0014_UK",
                    "ticket": "Oy9wcm9kdWN0LWxpc3Q7Iztwcm9kdWN0X2tleTtQXzEyNTM4My0wMDE0X1VLOyM7T0JKRUNUSVZFJDtOT05FOk5PTkU7NjE7",
                    "variants": [],
                    "attributes": {
                        "availability": "InStock",
                        "campaign": "Summer",
                        "campaignPrice": "19.95",
                        "category": "Dresses|Party dresses",
                        "color": "black",
                        "description": "Asymmetric cut jersey dress from One. Soft scuba quality. Wrap-around v-neckline and eyelets in the waist band in the front. Made of 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane.",
                        "image": "http://localhost:3000/static/images/125383-0014.jpeg",
                        "isDiscontinued": "true",
                        "market": "UK",
                        "name": "Assymetric Eyelet Trim Dress",
                        "price": "39.95",
                        "priceCurrency": "€",
                        "productId": "P_125383-0014",
                        "product_key": "P_125383-0014_UK",
                        "rank": "3",
                        "relevance": "0.3333333333333333",
                        "tag1": "short",
                        "tag2": "polyester",
                        "url": "http://localhost:3000/product/P_125383-0014"


Last update: December 1, 2021
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