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Cookie Management

Retailers that use the Javascript Library client side while setting the apptus.customerKey cookie server side must set the cookie properties according to the following instructions.

The Javascript Library will use the apptus.customerKey cookie when sending requests to achieve personalisation as well as keeping the cookie updated during the lifecycle of a page visit.

Property Value Description
Name apptus.customerKey={visitor id} The value is the visitor id, a UUID v4. The id is either the eSales customer key of a signed in visitor or a random UUID v4 for visitors not signed in.
Path / The path is defined as the root of the Domain.
Domain Site host name The Domain must match the host name of the site, for example Unless specified in the Javascript Library.
Expires Expiration date The expiration date must be one year into the future.
Secure Secure or N/A If the site is served over https, then Secure must be specified in the cookie.
HttpOnly N/A The HttpOnly must not be specified as the Javascript Library interacts with the cookie.


The following example specifies a cookie set server side for the site that is served over https.

apptus.customerKey=eea6c1ee-7b12-4f40-a4f4-61a59a111b98; Path=/;; Secure; Expires=Wed, 14 Oct 2020 07:00:00 GMT;

Multiple sub-domain sites

For retailers that use multiple sub-domains and the Javascript Library, see Cookies.

Last update: October 17, 2019