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Apptus eSales Fashion Documentation


Based on many years of experience in the e-commerce sector, specialised in providing the right content to every context in a unified manner, Apptus is now launching a product tailored especially for fashion. Apptus eSales Fashion is an intelligent search and merchandising solution tailor-made for on-line fashion retailers. It is built to provide retailers with intelligent merchandising possibilities to generate increased sales and end customers with relevant results through a great user experience.

Apptus eSales Fashion is a cloud based search solution with well integrated customisable web components. The search features our patent-pending behavioural driven algorithms but also includes other unique features such as colour search, automatic image analysis, understanding newness, and dedicated sizing support. The web components are elaborately designed according to best practices and Baymard guidelines for mobile and desktop respectively.

Visit the eSales Fashion official website.

Feature summary

  • Behavioural driven search engine featuring colour search
  • Hosting on maintenance free cloud service
  • Search results component
  • Search assistant component
  • Navigation components
  • Dedicated mobile and desktop user experiences
  • Automatic instant access to new features

Contact to get started and try it out!

Additional site support will be coming and development of category page support is currently in progress.