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This section will provide an overview of the capabilities and features of eSales Fashion and how they are designed to help retailers with their online sales.

What is eSales Fashion

The core of eSales Fashion consists of a product ranking engine, based on machine learning and fashion domain knowledge. It caters for search, category listings, recommendations, and navigation - and more is to come. Additionally, it offers a set of Web Components that are built specially to take full advantage of the eSales Fashion core. This means that every function has been intensively researched and designed all the way from the algorithms to the end user visualization.

Frictionless user experience

Every feature of eSales Fashion is built with the entire user journey in mind, with focus on usability, findability, and site consistency. There are plenty of details within the components, each reducing friction and helping visitors to a successful purchase. Some features you may already have in place, some you might not have known you were missing, and some features will revolutionize your site. What they all have in common is that they simply just work.

Features are built with dedicated support for both mobile and desktop. New functionality is made available immediately upon release though our continuous roll-outs.

Features and capabilities

Feature area Description
Search A great search helps visitors find what they actually are after.
Recommendations Keep visitors engaged and increase product exposure with recommendations.
Category listings Automatically optimized category listings that balance sudden trends with strong consistent sellers.
Navigation Providing visitors with tools to assist them with narrowing down their results.
Ancillary features Additional functionality that spans over multiple feature areas and supports the user or brand experience in various ways.
Merchandising Multiple intelligent controls to impact your site.
Performance Performance is, and has always been, very close to our heart at Apptus. We make sure that your site is stable and swift even during the harshest conditions.
Image and Data Analysis Automatically enriched data, structurally necessary support and more for a top-of-the-line fashion site.
UX and Theming Portray your brand's look-and-feel within the great UX.


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Last update: March 18, 2020