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Product Page Integration

The <esales-product-page>-component is used on product pages to enable product recommendations with the recommendation component. The <esales-product-page>-component keeps track of notifications and visitor interactions and requires a product key supplied to its product-key-attribute. It is recommended to supply the key either dynamically or statically.

<esales-product-page [product-key]="product.key"></esales-product-page>
<esales-recommendation zone-id="sp2" size="8" type="ALTERNATIVE" label="Similar items"></esales-recommendation>
<esales-recommendation zone-id="sp1" size="4" type="COMPLEMENTARY" label="You might also like"></esales-recommendation>

Risk of incorrect usage

Using an incorrect key, e.g. a product group key or a variant key, will result in incorrect notifications and in turn incorrect statistics. No product recommendations will be displayed if an incorrect key is used.

Ensure that a product key is used.

A product key must be an exact match of a product's key in the data feed. I.e. discontinued products that purposely haven't been added to the data feed, but still exists on the site, won't be able to display recommendations for that product.

Dynamic product key

If a product key is set dynamically in the <esales-product-page>-component it must be in the form of [product-key]="product.key".

<esales-product-page [product-key]="product.key"></esales-product-page>

Static product key

The product-key can be set with a static value to the attribute. The following example has the key P1 set as the value for product-key.

<esales-product-page product-key="P1"></esales-product-page>

Key retrieval via URL

If a product key isn't available, the <esales-product-page>-component will try to find the product based on the URL provided for each product in the product feed. This requires a set-up of the productPageUrlPrefix as defined in the Script initialisation.

It is however recommended to always supply a product key and not rely on retrieval though the URL.

If there are multiple URL paths leading to the same product, the <esales-product-page>-component will not be able to resolve a product key on all paths.

If multiple products share the same product page URL, recommendations based on product page URL will choose a product to make recommendations for at random.


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