Validating the data feed before importing it into eSales Fashion is recommended to reduce content errors and failed imports.

XSD 1.1 Validation

The data feed can be validated using the eSales Fashion XSD (version 1.1).

If no processes or tools for validation are available, use the following XSD validator. It is built on an open source project and includes all required dependencies for validating the data feed with the eSales Fashion XSD.

The data feed file can be validated using the following command (where my_data.xml is replaced with the name of the actual XML file):

java -jar xsd-validator.jar -sf esales-fashion-schema.xsd -if my_data.xml

Import validation

All files are automatically validated on import. Given that the XML file has a valid syntax, the file can be imported to detect content issues. Examples of content errors are duplicate keys, duplicate image URLs etc. If the import is unsuccessful due to content errors, a summary the found errors will be found in the response.


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Last update: October 10, 2019