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Getting Started

Get started with Apptus eSales for Fashion by following a few easy steps. First, contact to get credentials to the Apptus Cloud environment. Using the credentials, a live demo can be viewed and custom data can be loaded. Finally some customisation can be performed.

Cloud credentials

The credentials for the Apptus Cloud environment consist of three parts:

  • webApiId - A public cluster Id pointing to the retailers eSales service. The Web API cluster Id is used for the site integration.
  • Api-Key - A private key. The private key is used when importing data and notifying orders to the eSales service.
  • Apptus eSales Apptus invitation mail - Used to access the web based apps for reporting and merchandising.

Following is an example of what the webApiId and Api-Key can look like, and this will be used as such through out this page. For the actual integration, the keys received from Apptus must be used.

webApiId: w1A2B3C45
Api-Key (private): pkA123456789AB1BDA3E968F69A97B5508BF5B123456778912FFC99

Live demo

Once credentials has been received, a live demo of eSales for Fashion with sample data can be viewed. Copy the URL below into a web browser and replace the webApiID with the one received and press Enter. The live demo uses UK as market.

Load custom data

The service is pre-loaded with sample data. To view the demo with custom product data, a data file can be created according to the eSales for Fashion data format specification. The product data is normally generated based on data available in a retailers systems. The market value for the custom data must be UK when using the live demo.

Load the data into the eSales service using the standard HTTP POST protocol. If no errors are present in the import, the new product data will be visible on the live demo site.

The following example loads product data into eSales using the received credentials and the custom product data saved to the file my_data.xml.

curl -i -X POST -d @- \
-H "Content-Type: application/xml" \
-H "Api-Key: pkA123456789AB1BDA3E968F69A97B5508BF5B123456778912FFC99" \
"" < /my_data.xml

With the custom data loaded, the type of results that can be expected with eSales for Fashion can be experienced to some extent.

The search results mainly rely on three parts: the quality of the data in the product feed, the quality of the cut-out images specified in the product feed, and the user behaviour on the site.

At this stage eSales for Fashion won't be able to showcase the effect of the behavioural data, but search, including colour search, can be tried out without it.

Colour search processing time

The colour search image processing usually takes about 5 minutes for 1 000 products. If the product data file is very large, it might take a little while before the colour search is working optimally.


Although eSales for Fashion is designed and themed out of the box in a way that follows many best practices in e-commerce, the theme may require alterations to fit a retailers visual identity.

The components used in eSales for Fashion are the search assistant and the search results. To change the look and feel of these components, eSales for Fashion allows for customisation to a certain degree.

For a live site, the theming is set with the initialisation of eSales. For the live demo site a customisation page is available that allows to theme the components and change the look and feel of eSales for Fashion. The link to the customisation page is also available in the footer of the live demo.

Other available settings for eSales for Fashion, including modification of some of the texts displayed in the components, can be done in the Search tab in the Experience app.