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Best Practices

To get the most out of Apptus eSales for Fashion it is recommended to follow a few best practices.

Product titles

Product titles in fashion are often made up by a small description based on a combination of product attributes. The most common ones are product type (t-shirt), colour (black), style (v-neck), and brand (Adidas).

These combinations result in product titles as Adidas 3-stripes black v-neck t-shirt which is a combination of brand, description, colour, style, and product type.


  • Maximum 40 characters in order to fit the product card.
  • Do not include the brand in the product title. It is presented above the title.
  • To display the product colour in the product title, place the the colour at the end of the title. Placing the colour in another position will result in that the title flickers when the visitor hovers over the different colours.

    3-striped v-neck t-shirt - black
    3-striped v-neck t-shirt - red
    3-striped v-neck t-shirt - real-teal

Cut-out images

Product colours are automatically identified and extracted by eSales for Fashion from cut-out images supplied by the client in the product feed. For the best possible experience, the cut-out images should portrait the products as accurately as possible, and shadows on the garments should be avoided.


  • Avoid sharp edges in the background. The colour extraction service may confuse sharp background edges with details of the product.
  • Use homogeneous background colours for all products if possible.
  • Avoid shadows on the products.