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GDPR Data Management

To be GDPR compliant with regards to the Apptus eSales for Fashion solution, information about data usage should be provided. Below you can find sample text for GDPR compliancy to be published on your site.

GDPR compliancy sample text

Use of Apptus Technologies AB

This website uses Apptus Technologies, an all-in-one AI-powered eCommerce
optimization solution from Apptus Technologies, Trollebergsvägen 5,
222 29 Lund, Sweden (Apptus).

The Apptus solution optimizes the search experience on this website by utilizing
your input to expose the most relevant products based on your search activity.

Apptus collects pseudonymised information about your search usage and
stores this information in local storage in your browser. Apptus generates
a pseudonymised session ID, a pseudonymised customer ID and your recent searches.
This data is stored on your browser in order to provide a good search experience.
No personal data is sent to a server and you can at all times clear your
local storage to erase this data.

You can find more information on Apptus at