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The Localisation tab includes all text items that can be changed for eSales Lifestyle. This includes items such as currency, colour names, facet names, sorting options, and more. Several variables can be used with the text.


App design and features are subject to change without notice. Screenshots, including simulated data visible, are for illustrative purposes only.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Experience app - Localisation tab


Variables can be used in phrases for dynamic content such as search result counts or a search phrase.

Variable Description
{SEARCH_PHRASE} The phrase which the visitor searched for.
{CORRECTED_SEARCH_PHRASE} A correction of the phrase that the visitor typed.
{RESULT_COUNT} The number of matching products of the performed search. This can be a corrected phrase.
{ORG_COUNT} The number of matching products of the phrase that the visitor typed.
{LINK}{/LINK} Creates a link around the enclosed text. If there is an available correction suggested to the user, the link will go to the corrected result. If the correction is relevant enough to cause an auto correction, the link will go to the uncorrected result (provided that there are hits for the original phrase).

Localisation groups

Group Description
Currency Settings for the currency marker and its position (before or after the digits).
Search assistant The labels used within the Search assistant component.
Navigation labels The labels used within the Navigation tree component, the Navigation assistant component, and the Navigation page component.
Product cards Settings for the badges for Sale and New that can be shown in a product card.
Product listing labels Labels used when listing products over multiple pages.
Page headers The headers of the search results pages.
Facet help texts Placeholder and button texts used in facets.
Facet names The names of facets used in product filtering. Based on available product selections.
Sorting options The labels for the sort order options.
Colour values The names of all available colours.

Preview and publish localisation

The localisation settings can be previewed when an item has been changed. This is indicated by an orange cloud icon in the top right corner if the interface.

A menu is expanded by clicking the icon, showing options of previewing or publishing the changes. If desired, the preview URL can be altered. It is recommended to always preview changes before publishing.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Experience app - Preview Localisation

Import localisation

It is possible to import the entire localisation from other predefined locales or an other market from the context menu in the top right corner. The import will replace any active localisation settings for the active market.

Screenshot of Apptus eSales Experience app - Import localisation

Last update: February 8, 2021

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