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Full Changelog

The full changelog highlights all new features, improvements, and fixes to eSales Lifestyle on both server side and client side.


Type Description
Improvement Classification and concept additions and improvements.
Fix It was not possible to modify a single custom price for a variant using the attribute modification import without all custom prices for the variant present.
Improvement The colour service now supports .gif-files.
Improvement Improved performance for Search for large product catalogues.
Fix Localisation options for the deprecated web components have been removed.
Improvement General performance improvements.
Fix Fixed a bug where the apps could crash for new users.
Fix Fixed a bug in conflict handling where it was not shown that a page or navigation resource was simultaneously edited by another user.
Improvement Improved backfill for Alternative recommendations when there are too few products of the same product type as the currently viewed product.
Improvement Improved performance for autocomplete with short phrases for large (10 000+) product catalogues.
Fix The content count in the Dashboard could be incorrect when using multiple markets.
Improvement Delimiters are change from comma, ,, to pipe, |, in the cart query parameter for the cart page query and the content keys paramters in the content information query.
Feature The new Navigation editor is introduced.
Information The eSales Lifestyle Web Components are deprecated.
Improvement Capitalization on generated page titles and navigation node titles have been improved.
Fix It was not possible to add pages in the apps if the pageId ended with a /.
Improvement Age groups are introduced for improved size recommendations.
Improvement The numbers of colours that are recognised by eSales Lifestyle for search are increased. (English only)
Improvement Improved differentiation in autocomplete between colours and other concepts (English only).
Improvement New material and shape concepts are added (English only).
Improvement Better handling of slashes in SML size formats.
Fix Unordered image had priority even when not included in image ordering lists, causing an unintuitive behavior.
Feature Controls for the initial score and score half-life for new products are introduced.
Feature The algorithm for alternative product recommendations now include direct visual similarity as a factor, when assessing product alternatives.
Improvement Classification have been improved and extended.
Improvement Added display name (label) for custom attributes to the response of product page requests.
Improvement Added support for custom image attributes in the data feed and response objects.
Change brand is now optional for products in the data feed.
Fix Internal imports could prevent analysed import information from being updated.
Fix Image tags were not properly escaped in exports.
Feature Product pinning support for product listings is introduced.
Feature Support for Single Page Applications when using the Web Components is introduced.
Improvement The components use the supplied alt-text for images when provided.
Fix The product page opened up when the gallery navigation buttons were clicked in a product card.
Fix The image order in the Search assistant used the Thumbnail settings for image priority instead of the Idle image priority.
Fix The height of thumbnail images in the product cards differed for products in stock and out of stock.
Fix Images with proportions larger than 0.833 had a grey block displayed below the image.
Improvement The maximum number selected facets have been increased to 200.
Improvement Classification have been improved and extended for Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, and Finnish.
Improvement Prices can be displayed with more than two decimals.
Fix The thumbnail hint in product cards was not correctly aligned when the swatches did not fit within the product card footer.
Fix Empty recommendation lists could be displayed.
Fix The category page number was retained when changing categories.
Fix The "No match in filter"-text was not displayed as intended on category pages.
Fix The opacity of out of stock product images was not correct in the search assistant product suggestions.
Fix Edge 15, 18, IE11 Scroll restoration on page refresh was not correct.
Fix Safari 11+ Images flickered when the gallery navigation buttons was used.
Feature The Handpicked Style with recommendations now automatically handles out of stock products.
Improvement When importing advanced custom attributes, the latest id to name relation will be interpreted as an override, and apply for all applicable products in the catalogue.
Improvement Classification of product types have been improved and extended for English and Norwegian.
Fix Localisation settings for pattern were missing.
Feature Page merchandising is introduced.
Improvement The API payment notification now returns a 400-error when one or more order lines had incorrect variant keys. Order lines with correct variant keys are accepted even if one or more order lines had incorrect variant keys.
Improvement Email recommendations now support recommendations based on favourites.
Improvement Images now support alt and caption attributes in the data feed.


Type Description
Improvement Frames are automatically removed from cutout images before the colour analysis.
Fix Colour analysis of png-files could cause incorrect results.
Fix Removed support for gif-files for the image analysis.
Feature Content, a flexible and generic type of data, is introduced.
Fix The scroll position could in some cases be incorrectly set when pressing back from a clicked product or reloading a page with components.
Fix Some colour swatches were given a generic MULTI value as opposed to the actual multiple colours of the garment.
Fix Turning of product suggestions could under special circumstances cause incorrect search re-directs.
Feature Apptus eSales Fashion has changed its name to eSales Lifestyle.
Feature Favourites are introduced. Visitors can now select their favourite products from a retailer's product catalogue.
Feature Favourites recommendations are introduced. The Favourites recommendation tries to find products that are related to the products that have been notified to eSales as a favourite product by the visitor.
Fix If the price slider had been used, the price facet did not re-render correctly after the "clear all" button had been used on mobile devices.
Fix A search results page could still be scrolled when interacting with the category facet on mobile devices.
Fix The right part of the facet menu was overlapped by the browser scrollbar when a facet was located near the edge of a screen.
Fix Product image thumbnails did not display correctly on hover.
Fix Only products from the page mentioned in the URL was loaded when using a browser's back and forward buttons to navigate between pages.
Fix The scroll position was not correctly remembered on a page reload or when the sort order had been changed.
Fix On very slow internet connections, an incorrect search result count of 0 was visible before the search results was rendered.
Fix Android Menu and filter layouts did not behave correctly.
Fix iOS 14+ The search assistant input area was incorrectly sized.
Fix Safari 10.1 The responsiveness of the web components did not perform as expected.
Fix Safari 10.1 Product images did not render correctly.
Fix Safari 9.1 The selected facets was did not render correctly.
Feature Manual Style with recommendations are introduced. The manual Style with recommendations are retailer selected products that go well together with another product.
Feature Support for custom URLs is introduced in the Events API.
Feature The API library, esales-library-api, is released.
Fix Sorting by NEWEST_FIRST could result in duplicates in the result list.
Improvement The image analysis now supports images in the webp-format.
Improvement The Web Components now utilise the API v2.
Improvement A new recommendation algorithm, NEWEST_PRODUCTS, is introduced. The algorithm is also used when sorting a result with NEWEST_FIRST.
Improvement Badges now support a field, attribute, that shows which attribute in the data feed that the badge is based on.
Improvement Multiple primary and secondary badges are allowed when using the API.
Improvement The format of keys for product groups, products, variants, and content links is extended to allow the additional characters #+-..
Fix Positioning of selected count of facets was inconsistent for mobile devices.
Improvement Products in recommendation areas can now be hand picked.
Fix The price facet was not rendered correctly when selecting other facets.
Fix The behaviour of arrows in expandable vertical facet lists was inconsistent.
Improvement It is now allowed to set the same size value on multiple variants, as long as there is at least one format with a unique single value per variant.
Feature Automatic image type and colour extraction from images using deep learning.
Improvement A breadcrumbs field is added to the navigation field in the responses of the landing-page and the search-page API end points.
Improvement Custom attributes are added to the productGroup field in the response of the product-page API end point.
Improvement The description field is removed from regular product listings in responses from the API end points.
Fix Size options that lacked formats was not rendered correctly.
Fix Images with å, ä, ö, and other compound characters could cause the colour analysis to stop working.
Fix Product groups with more than 20 products was not supported.
Feature The next generation semantic search is released featuring NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities.
Improvement Unified the category page and landing page request end point in the API.
Improvement Reduced memory usage for JSON exports.
Fix Imports failed if they included taxonomy references that was not available on the target server.
Fix The number of times a facet was used was counted incorrectly.
Fix When expanded, the top category in the category list on mobile did not collapse on click.
Fix The category navigation tree indicated non-existent child items.
Fix The last facet value was hidden on mobile when the number of facets made the facet list exceed the size of the screen.
Fix Edge The numbers of products per row in a product list was not correct.
Feature Theming API v2 is released including new layout possibilities for the Navigation assistant and a new list mode for facets.
Feature The API for eSales Lifestyle is available.
Feature Synonyms can now be disabled and enabled in the Experience app, as well as filtered by their status.
Improvement Added type for image order prioritisation in the Experience app.
Improvement The colour analysis is performed on the most relevant products first.
Fix Editing actions in the Experience app could cause incorrect conflicts.
Improvement The size cleaning feature is enabled by default.
Improvement The size_type element in product_group is no longer required.
Improvement The format attribute for size element is no longer required.
Fix The search assistant drop-down could not be scrolled to the end with sticky headers.
Fix Product sizes in product cards were not correctly centred.
Fix Scroll arrows in product cards were incorrectly displayed after window resizing.
Fix Hovering over a thumbnail did not trigger an image swap of the main image.
Improvement Product type extraction now supports Norwegian.
Improvement Empty optional attributes are now allowed and treated as if the attribute is not provided.
Improvement Improved error handling of cart recommendations, returns an error if all product keys are wrong.
Improvement Improved error handling of cart recommendations, empty carts results in empty results.
Fix Exporting data added an additional attribute on images with type_default if no type was set.
Feature The Apptus Integration app is released for eSales Lifestyle.
Feature Personal recommendations are introduced.
Feature Cart recommendations are introduced.
Fix Searches with a poor match score but high estimated revenue were ranked too high when having no or very little behaviour data.
Feature Selecting a size in a size facet in any listing, now automatically takes the visitor to the product with that size already pre-selected when clicking on a product.
Fix Filtering on multi-coloured products did not include products with color_override=Multi set, i.e only products with analysed colours was shown.
Feature Automatic data extraction of concepts for product recommendations are introduced.
Feature A new component, Recommendation product list, is introduced.
Fix Special characters were not recognised in the recommendations path URL.
Fix Facets in responsive layouts with browser widths around 480 px was not rendering correctly.
Fix The size facet selector indicated wrong visual states.
Feature Custom prices are introduced. This is used show to prices of the product assortment in local currencies, or to handle member or VIP prices.
Feature Two new labels, content suggestions and search suggestions, are introduced to the Search assistant component.
Feature A new low level component, Primary product count, is introduced.
Fix The rating stars did not render correctly.
Fix The price slider in the vertical facet was not responsive.
Fix All components did not support the attribute hidden.
Feature Smaller and more customisable components are introduced to eSales Lifestyle allowing for new layout options and possibilities, including vertical and expandable facets.
Feature The Email Recommendations add-on is now available for eSales Lifestyle.
Feature External custom font icon glyphs can now be used in the components.
Fix The cursor looked active for disabled navigation menu items.
Fix The session key could become incorrect if the customer key was altered.


Type Description
Fix The expand label for the preamble text disappeared when using overly large line heights for the preamble text.
Fix The preamble text was not fully expanded for very long texts.
Fix Special characters was not searchable.
Fix The selected sort order was not restored when using Sort by discount or Sort by rating and then navigating to a product page and back.
Fix Applying a facet or opening a category from a search result that used a corrected search phrase returned no results.
Fix External links in the left navigation was not clickable.
Fix Errors were thrown in the console if a product did not have images.
Fix Edge, Chrome The expand label for the preamble text disappeared when the text was expanded.
Fix Edge The top navigation disappeared when clicking a top navigation item that had a set SEO page title and description.
Fix Edge Canonical links and SEO descriptions were not present.
Fix Firefox Autocomplete showed suggested phrases without any spaces.
Fix Safari on iPhone The price range slider dot was overlaid by the range line.
Feature Introduced settings for SEO meta data, canonical URLs, and dynamic page titles.
Feature The Navigation Assistant now includes support for fixed content slots.
Feature It is now allowed to load lower resolution images for performance enhancements on mobile devices.
Feature Products with many variants out of stock will now show the out of stock label instead of swatches.
Fix Links where not accessible by site crawlers.
Fix The preamble text could not be customised via the Theming API.
Fix Product titles was missing font-weight styling.
Fix Size facets without size groups did not have any top spacing on mobile devices.
Fix The visual divider between the preamble text and the Filter button was missing on mobile devices.
Fix iPhone 7 The last category filter option was blocked by the Close button when refining a search result.
Fix Safari 9.1 The Sort by type was not displayed.
Feature The productCardTitleRows can be set separately for desktop and mobile devices.
Improvement The HostLayout observer only invalidates components that has had a layout change.
Improvement Added a horizontal divider between the content suggestions and the autocomplete suggestions in the search assistant.
Fix The View all button was not displayed after scrolling through drop down content in the search assistant on mobile devices.
Fix Incorrect removal of an event listener for the image carousel caused a memory leak.
Fix Categories under labels disappeared when changing departments on mobile devices.
Fix The space between currency and price differed between sales price and list price.
Fix Products in stock could under rare circumstances be displayed as out of stock.
Fix Safari 9.1 Incorrect displaying of View all products for... in the search field.
Feature Added support for SEO preamble texts.
Feature The Recommendation component now supports product carousels for both desktop and mobile devices.
Feature Added visual cues for out of stock swatches and out of stock cards.
Improvement Improved accessibility for search.
Improvement Improved caching stability of settings.
Fix Firefox 63, 64 Select facet items icons were cropped at the bottom in the drop-down menu.
Fix Edge 15 Product filters and navigation assistant actions did not update the product list.
Fix Non-search sessions were sometimes included in the search statistics causing erroneous figures in the Search Usage Report. Note: The data shown in the Search Usage Report prior to this release is not correct unless the site only uses Search.
Change Selling price is no longer mandatory for payment notifications.
Fix Localised settings always used English as the default language regardless of provided market locale.
Feature Improved script performance by loading polyfills when required with a runtime check.
Change Rating values used for star visualisation are rounded instead of truncated. For example a value of 4.9 will be displayed as 5 stars instead of 4.5 stars.
Fix The Quick buy button was displayed over facet values.
Feature Searches that return one content link and no phrase suggestions and no product suggestions will redirect to the content link page on search.
Improvement Size facets omits the label when no label is needed.
Fix The price facet was not marked as selected in some cases.
Fix The search header did not trim away the & symbol.
Fix Stars in ratings was only showing the left half of the star on mobile devices.
Fix Rendering issues of the minus sign for price facet groups.
Improvement Only markets with product data are displayed in the market selector in the apps.
Improvement Auto correct and auto completions could produce suggestions with only out of stock products.
Fix The apps could temporarily be non-responsive due to being locked out by an update by the colour service.
Fix Corrections through synonyms could lead to strange auto corrections.
Fix Auto completion sometimes produced undifferentiated suggestions.
Fix Product count differed in taxonomies in the apps compared to the product count in taxonomy trees on a site.
Feature Added support for size facet in promotions and taxonomy.
Feature Added support to hide out of stock variants and products.
Feature Full support for display name of custom attribute facet values.
Improvement Improved performance in product page for large product catalogues.
Improvement The import parser trims leading and trailing white spaces.
Fix Size cleaning had collisions between bra size and fit/length, e.g. L bra sizes being interpreted as loose or long.
Fix Size cleaning did not unify white spaces.
Fix Sorting of slim/regular/loose and/or short/regular/long is now numerical first, small to large and added support for X prefix.
Fix Sorting of sport bra sizes (e.g. M A/B) is now smallest first instead of alphabetical.
Fix Sizes with the different formats could get the wrong values due to concurrent usages.
Fix Strange error message and state appeared due to retries when modifying taxonomies in the app.
Improvement Added support for two title rows in product cards.
Fix The Load more button was not affected by button styling.
Improvement Additional data added to the Quick buy event], esales-product-quick-buy.
Feature Added a new component, Filterable list, <esales-filterable-list>, that supports custom collections unattached to the navigation. The component displays a product listing, filters, and sorting options.
Fix Safari Quick buy button disappeared after a few moments under certain conditions.
Feature Added support for size cleaning, i.e. unifying sizes to reduce clutter in facets.
Improvement Added server side support for page facets i.e. prefiltered product listings.
Improvement Search now includes product groups, product_group.
Improvement Server side support added for display name of custom attribute facet values.
Fix Incorrect completions and suggestions was returned when searching with a product or variant key.
Improvement New interface in the Localisation tab in the Experience app.
Feature Added a Quick buy button to the Product cards.
Fix iPad Clear facet button was not clickable.
Improvement Added server side support for Size cleaning.
Fix Taxonomy image override settings was inconsistent.
Fix Scroll position was not restored when a visitor arrived at a product page from a product listing and then pressed the back button.
The issue can still be found on MS Edge 17 and MacOS Safari 12 under some conditions.
Feature New main menu interface in the Navigation editor.
Improvement Updated visualization when creating new navigation elements.
Fix Payment notifications on removed variants caused erroneous errors.
Fix Taxonomy nodes with newness as criteria could under special circumstances not be evaluated.
Feature Localisation of navigation labels was added. It is now possible to customise additional button texts used in navigation.
Fix Script was cached client side too long after releases, preventing clients to take part of updates within a reasonable time frame.
Fix The theming option searchAssistantFontSize did not have any effect.
Fix Clicking on labels in the search assistant briefly disabled the of suggestions for the visitor.
Fix It was possible to navigate to label-nodes, without any clear definition of expected behaviour.
Feature Added option to set a custom navigation path for categories in the navigation editor.
Improvement Default colours containing special colours such as gold or silver will not be overridden by analysis, as metallics cannot be analysed.
Improvement Added release_date validation for a better error message.
Fix Extremely long search queries caused visual flaws.
Fix Default product card background colour value was altered, affecting the background of images with unusual ratios.
Feature Added support for image gallery and swap between two model pictures.
Feature Added support for hover effects of model images.
Fix Search phrases containing unnecessary spaces were not trimmed.
Improvement Added extended logging of JSON imports.
Improvement Altered colour codes used in default colour facets to be more visually appealing.
Feature Added support for additional badge theming options.
Fix Navigation assistant did not allow viewing all products in all categories.
Fix Filters could be renamed by visitors.
Fix Inconsistent navigation behaviour in the navigation editor.
Fix Horizontal scroll bar appeared when browser width was between 992 px and 1389 px.
Fix iOS Browser had unexpected flash.
Feature Added protection from dangerous imports. If an import removes 50% of items from any market or makes 50% of products go from categorised to uncategorised, the import will fail with BAD_REQUEST unless a force=true import parameter is set.
Feature Added support for additional badge themes.
Improvement Reduced script loading for recurring visitors.
Fix One range slider dot was missing on mobile devices.
Fix Search assistant field was not shown and gave an incorrect console error when deprecated customisation settings was used.
Fix IE11 Badges was not displayed.
Fix Product card listing layouts was flawed in a few edge cases.
Feature Modified responsiveness for product cards to be dynamically resized as opposed to increasing the number of cards with a fixed width. Added corresponding theming options.
Feature Added support for additional slots in the navigation assistant.
Feature Added theming options for vertical spacing of product cards.
Fix Facet wrappers incorrectly used layout and facets per row styling on tablet devices.
Fix Scroll-bar was appearing on the search-results-header.
Fix Underline was not centred when the product size value was hovered.
Fix Search input field was not automatically focused after tapping the search icon on mobile devices.
Fix Subcategory list in menu was not correctly updated on mobile devices.
Fix Search assistant drop-down had an incorrect border if there was no content in the results.
Fix Navigation was reset when pressing Clear all for facets in a search result.
Fix The colour of the breadcrumb was overridden by the browser link colour.
Fix Changing zoom level in browser introduced vertical scrollbar arrows in suggested products.
Fix Safari Text in the search assistant was indented too much.
Fix IE11 Images and facets was displayed in wrong sizes.
Fix IE11 Search page layout was inconsistent.
Feature Added support for custom badges.
Feature Added support for out-of-order and infix searches for Content links.
Improvement Improved performance for large sites, ~20% faster for search and recommendations and ~50% faster for navigation.
Fix Content link results escaped |.
Fix Exposure strategy A/B tests had missing functionality.
Fix Product score boost from level 3 promotions was too low.

Last update: September 16, 2021

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