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Content Information

Content Information is intended to be used to lookup information on specific content (specified by content keys). A content information query will return a list of content items.


Request method


Request URL


Request parameters

Name Type Description Example
market string The visitor market identifier. Must match the corresponding market identifier in the data feed.
touchpoint string The visitor's touchpoint. Valid values are DESKTOP and MOBILE.
customerKey string A key that uniquely identifies the current visitor.
Using UUIDs as keys are recommended.
sessionKey string A unique key, identifying the session.
Using UUIDs as keys are recommended.
contentKeys string A pipe-separated list of keys of the content items to be fetched.
notify boolean A boolean that can be used to disable notifications and behavioural registration for the query. false
viewId string A parameter that is used to show the page in either production or preview mode. Can be production or preview. Defaults to production if omitted in the query. For more information, see App Integration. production

Request headers

All request headers are optional, but recommended when eligible.

  • Accept-Encoding - gzip. Allows responses to be compressed using Gzip.
  • User-Agent - User agent. Enables internal tracking.

Request example

A content search page query example is demonstrated using cURL below.

curl -i \
-H "Accept-Encoding: gzip" \
-H "User-Agent: {client user agent}" \


Response headers


Response content-type


Response codes

Response Description
200 Query accepted, content flattened and serialised to JSON, see Response objects.
400 Invalid or missing arguments for this query.
404 End point is not valid.
503 Service unavailable, no products found in the cluster.
5xx Server error such as cluster unavailable or busy. The response body may contain more information about the error.

Response objects

    "items": [
            "key": "c1",
            "type": "article",
            "title": "Shipping",
            "link": "/shipping",
            "ticket": "Oy9mYXNoaW9uL0RFU0tUT1AvQ09OVEVOVF9TRUFSQ0hfUEFHRS9QUklNQVJZX0xJU1Q7Iztjb250ZW50X2tleTtkMDAxOyM7IzsjOyM7",
            "releaseDate": "2019-12-01T00:00:00Z",
            "description": "We ship to all of the EU.",
            "image": {
                "sources": [{"url": "img-w500.jpg", "width": 500}, {"url": "img-w1000.jpg", "width": 1000}]
            "custom": {
                "modifiedTime": [{"id": "2021-02-04", "label": "2021-02-04"}],
                "author": [{"id": "John Doe", "label": "John Doe"}]
        // Potentially more content items
Name Type Description
items ContentItem[ ] A list of the requested content items.

Last update: October 8, 2021
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