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Component Integration

Using the eSales Lifestyle Web Components are in most cases the fastest way to get a site live. The Web Components are made available in a JavaScript library and are written especially to render the results that eSales Lifestyle produces. The integration consists of a script initialisation followed by integration and theming of the different components.

This section describes the different steps and parts needed to integrate a site.

  • Script Initialisation - How to make the Web Components available for usage.
  • Page Integrations - How to integrate the Web Components on different types of pages, to enable eSales Lifestyle functionality such as search, navigation, and recommendations.
  • Theming - Visually customise elements and components using the Theming API.
  • Advanced - In-depth information about APIs, library support, performance, and more.
  • Live examples - Examples that show different ways of how to integrate the eSales Lifestyle components using demo data, as well as how to apply theming.

Live examples

Note that access to the live examples requires a password. Retailers should contact their appointed Apptus Success Manager to gain access to password protected content.

No Shadow DOM manipulation

Shadow DOM manipulation is unsupported, and is liable to stop working for future script updates. Do NOT add or change elements within the Shadow DOM of eSales components.

Host components and exposed shadow parts can be styled, but the Shadow DOM must not be pierced. See Theming API v2 for more information on accessible parts and theming options.

Last update: December 1, 2020

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