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Web Integration

The Web Integration is responsible for the rendering of the results produced by eSales Lifestyle. This can be performed by either using the Web components or the Web API.

The Web Components consist of a JavaScript library that allows pre-built result components to be added directly to the site. Web Components are highly customizable through a Theming API, and easy to integrate.

The Web API enables accessing raw JSON data through HTTP queries, enabling unlimited flexibility and customization.

Integration transitioning

Web Components are in most cases the fastest way to get live with a well tested, premium eSales Lifestyle integration. It is encouraged to start with a Web Component integration and transition to the Web API for the parts where unlimited customization flexibility is desired. This minimizes the time to value and allows an iterative roll out plan.

Note! This depends on a retailer's current solution and is not always applicable. This can be discussed between the retailer, their integrating partner, and their Apptus Success Manager.

Web Components

  • Low integration time
    • Pre-integrated with notifications
    • Pre-integrated with eSales App merchandising options
    • Pre-integrated with eSales Lifestyle result format
    • Tested in all major browsers
  • Automatic upgrades with future feature support
  • High customization flexibility through Theming API
  • Compatible with progressive web apps


  • Unlimited customization flexibility
  • Supports server side integrations
  • Can be used in native apps
  • Supports off-site usage

Mixed Web Integration

Web Components and the Web API can both be used in the same integration, but either one must apply fully for any given page request. For example, Web Components to handle facets should not be mixed with a Web API request for a customized rendering of the product list within the same page.

It is however possible to use the Web Components on some category pages, and the Web API for others. The autocomplete request is treated as a separate page. Having Web Components on the site and using the Web API for e.g. native apps is also supported.

Last update: December 1, 2020

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