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The Apptus eSales for Shopware plugin enhances the functionality of Shopware in different areas.


The plugin allows for synchronisation of attributes from Shopware to eSales. A synchronisation will automatically set up search, filter, and display attributes. Products can also be synchronised to eSales, either manually or as a scheduled synchronisation using the Shopware scheduler. Both full and incremental synchronisations can be performed.

Search flyout

The layout of the search flyout is changed by the plugin into a two-column layout presenting product, autocomplete, and category suggestions from eSales and brands direct from Shopware.

Search page

The search page is enhanced and provides not just only regular search results with products but also facets for filtering, as well as did-you-mean and category suggestions from eSales and relevant brands from Shopware. If a visitor performs a search that does not produce a result, eSales will automatically perform an additional search using an autocorrected phrase to return a relevant result.

Navigation includes both the top navigation and the left category navigation, as well as a complete category navigation page, all with data from eSales. The top categories are not changed but all sub-categories are based on eSales powerful relevance algorithms. The navigation page also includes facets for filtering and the product lists, and can include top selling products within the current category using eSales Top Seller algorithm which intelligently balances trending products with consistent sellers.


A product detail page can use two different types of recommendations from eSales: Recommend based on product and Those who viewed also viewed.

Recommend based on product

The recommendations are based on the product on the page and relationship data between it and products it (including but not limited to) has been purchased or otherwise shared a shopping cart with. Other relationship data include click data and product filter attributes.

Those who viewed also viewed

The products in this recommendations are those that were viewed after the product on the page was viewed. The recommended products are sorted according to a score determined by the number of sessions where a visitor has clicked the product on the page and then clicked on the recommended product.

A/B testing

There is a possibility to perform an A/B test to compare shop performance with and without the Apptus eSales for Shopware plugin. For more information, see Apptus A/B Test.

Last update: March 19, 2020

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