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Imports add data to eSales and is done by posting XML with an eSales data type to the Web API. The XML must be encoded using UTF-8 and include the operations that is to be performed and all other data type related information. Allowed operations for imports are add, update, remove, and clear.

When importing data via the Web API, an Api-Key header is required for authentication. Only one data type is allowed per import.



URL format



Name Type Description Example
type string Type of import. Only one data type is allowed per import. See Import types
name string Optional name of the import. products-2017-09-06
import XML The request body in XML. See Examples

Import types

The following content types are allowed for the type parameter.

  • products (for products and categories)
  • panels
  • ads
  • synonyms
  • configuration

Read more about the import types and their file formats in the guide to working with imports.

Required headers

The header Api-Key is required.

Request body

An XML document containing the data to be imported, see Examples.

Request content-type


Response content-type

HTTP response code


Response Description
204 The import completed successfully.
403 Incorrect Api-Key.
404 Cluster not found.
4xx The request made by the client was invalid. This may mean that the import contained errors or that the cluster has not been defined prior the import. The response body may contain more information about the error.
5xx Server error such as cluster unavailable or busy. The response body may contain more information about the error.


Try out the API at the Apptus API Playground with your eSales Playground and API credentials.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <category_tree />
        <product />
            <title>The Magical Programmer</title>


curl -i \
-T products-full-import-w-variants.xml \
-H "Content-Type: application/xml" \
-H "Api-Key: {PRIVATE-KEY}" \


HTTP/1.1 204 No Content