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Export Customer Data

GDPR compliance feature

The export customer data job is part of Apptus solutions for enabling GDPR compliance concerning data managed by Apptus eSales.

The export customer data job must be performed before any customer data can be downloaded. It is recommended to perform an export and download before any customer data is removed. Export and removal can run concurrently but it is recommended to start the export first.

A customerKey argument is supplied to start an export job of all available data related to the given key. Linked keys and their related data will also be included in the export job.

The export customer data job works with archived data only. The export job will start once the data from the job initiation date has been archived. Default time for archiving is 5 days. Exported data will be available for download for approximately a week from the time the customer data job status returns done.

When executing queries with the GDPR API, basic HTTP authentication with eSales cluster credentials is required.



URL format



Name Type Description Example
customerKey string Visitor id. SHA256 hash if the visitor is signed in, otherwise a UUID / GUID. d9528...e9feca

Request body

Not applicable

Request content-type

Not applicable

Response content-type



A response will always return a Customer Data Job Status.




curl -i \
-u eSalesCustomerLogin:aLongPassword! "https://{cluster-id}"


  "jid": "ca24b4e2-34ab-406a-a4db-b30b0247837a",
  "status": "created"