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Non-eSales Click Notification

The non-eSales click notification is to be sent when a visitor has clicked a product that is not returned by eSales (i.e. not having a ticket). Instead of a ticket, a product key (and if applicable, a variant key) is sent.



URL format



Name Type Description Example
webApiId string Unique Web API ID. The Web API ID is case sensitive. wBA03517B
id string Randomized unique identifier, such as UUID or GUID. 0.nd2bj6h4pi9
sessionKey string A unique id. UUID / GUID 2F75A...EAFA6
customerKey string Visitor id. SHA256 hash if the visitor is signed in, otherwise a UUID / GUID. 5G7HJ...R77T1
market string Visitor Market. Sweden
token string Unique token generated by the CustomerKeyAuthentication class. Should only be set for signed in visitors. EAFA6...2F75A
productKey string The unique key of the product. shirt_79709
variantKey string The unique key of the variant. 79709_grey_medium

Request body

    "id": "string",
    "sessionKey": "string",
    "customerKey": "string",
    "market": "string",
    "token": "string",
    "productKey": "string",
    "variantKey": "string"

Request content-type


Response content-type

HTTP response code


Response Description
204 Notifications was received successfully.
400 Product key is missing.
403 A SHA256 customer key was used, but it could not be validated.
5xx Server error such as cluster unavailable or busy. The response body may contain more information about the error.


Try out the API at the Apptus API Playground with your eSales Playground and API credentials.



    "id": "0.nd2bj6h4pi7",
    "sessionKey": "b106299c-eac0-4f6f-96d2-93e57c255784",
    "customerKey": "d9528030-509c-4e0f-b585-7168f1e9feca",
    "market": "UK",
    "productKey": "P_555452-0446_UK",
    "variantKey": null


curl -i \
-d @request-body.json \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \


HTTP/1.1 204 No Content